Experienced Archers (who want to improve their execution.)

When shooting in a competition that is not the time or place to be distracted by questions about your execution.

Does your Club's shooting calendar allow for you to spend time with the club Coach?

If not come to ARCHERY INSIGHT.

I do not focus on your Classification, your Handicap or your ranking in the Club Championship. I believe that if you  work on your execution whilst not distracted by "chasing score" then your Classification, Handicap etc. will improve anyway!

We have indoor and outdoor ranges, and together we can work towards whatever level of performance you aspire to. 

Effective coaching relies on feedback in both directions between coach and archer. As part of that function your shooting form can be recorded on video and shots compared frame by frame. We also have a speed meter; a useful tool when assessing the effect of any changes made and the consistency of successive shots.

The emphasis is on execution, score is only considered as a measure of progress and not in itself the purpose of the exercise. You can therefore remain focused on practice. 

"Pb's"  need work to achieve  . . . 

 . . . I look forward to working with you.

Having said all that if you just want to shoot for fun, (now there's a novelty!) then that is perfectly O.K.